As we are now entering the third year of Boher Architecture being up and running I thought a little website face lift was in order and with that a new ‘Blog’ section where I will do my best to comment on or explain Architecture based questions which I’ve noticed seem to come up time and time again with clients. These can be anything from explaining the planning process, reasons from proposing specific designs or even the roles that various bodies play within planning, such as The South Downs National Park (SDNP), which will be one of my first blogs and where I will try and explain their influence in this industry as well as the pros and cons of submitting applications under them.

Every now and again I will also get one of our team to comment on something current, be it Gregg Fryman on technical issues or Richard Murray on new planning policies. Hopefully in a couple of months I can talk to you about the Permitted Development (PD) policy on conversions of agricultural barns to dwellings which we’ve been looking into a lot over the past 6 months, by that time we should have decisions back on two PD applications that we have been working on. This policy came out in April of 2014, ‘Class MB’ and means you can change an agricultural barn in a dwelling without the need for planning permission as long as it meets the right criteria, so could be a huge help to people in the rural committee.

Listed buildings is also a topic which I will talk about as this is an area where we spend a lot of time on and following the success and ease of our Cowdray House planning application it should make for an interesting read.

As this is the first post (I wouldn’t call this a blog exactly) feel free to send me comments or topics that you would like see discussed within my blogs.